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Director, Fin2Tech Solutions Limited

Dr. Suborna Barua


Dr. Suborna Barua is Associate Professor of Finance at the Department of International Business, University of Dhaka. He obtained a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Finance and Economics from Federation University Australia. Prior to that, he received BBA and MBA degrees in Finance from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Since 2006, Dr. Barua holds a blended experience of teaching, research, and delivering training and consulting services in the field of Finance in national and international settings. He holds expertise in financial and investment management, FinTech, financial modelling, and financial markets. Dr. Barua has with the World Bank, the UNDP, the DFID-UK, Plan International, the University of Oxford, and the University of Turin. Further to teaching and research, Dr. Barua has served in financial and management consultant and advisory roles at more than ten local and multinational financial institutions. He currently heads the Research and Innovation Lab as a consultant at Royal Capital Limited, Dhaka. Dr. Barua has published a book, several book chapters, and over thirty articles in highly-ranked and high-impact factor journals, including publications in the areas of Financial Technology and Blockchain. His book titled ‘Financial Technology: Theories, Concepts, and Applications’ is due to be published by DeGruyter by early 2022. His research area includes finance, environment, and sustainable development, and machine learning and artificial intelligence applications in finance and economics.